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Thank you …

We would like to thank Kerry Gonis for his help in building the original version of this web site. Also other members of the Society who have contributed their time and effort, especially Dr Michael Worms for his immense local knowledge, John Turtle for his patience, Kim Thompson for her enthusiastic support, Murray Thompson, Collin Reece and Nick Cook for providing their photographs. More recently our webmaster has organised us very well and thanks go to him for all his help and continued enthusiasm - Adam Collis of Baobab IT Services at


We would like to thank Yasmine Webb (Local Studies Collection Manager) at the Barnet Local Studies & Archives, 80 Daws Lane, Mill Hill NW7 4SL for her advice on the use of images and maps. Some of the images of Old Mill Hill are used ‘Courtesy of Barnet Local Studies’. A link to their web site is included on the links page and we recommend everyone to visit their site and explore the vast array of material that is available on Mill Hill.

We would like to thank Liz Barrett for images of wildlife in Mill Hill. Thanks to Cllr John Hart for the use of the picture of Vincett’s by Ron Pooke and to John Maxfield who provided the Society with drawings by Marion Rhodes. Also thanks Ordnance Survey for their help in advising on old maps and providing these.

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This bibliography is not exhaustive, but does list (and recommend) all the books that have been referenced in the preparation of our website.
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This site has been prepared with reasonable care and in good faith. If there are any errors or omissions then MHPS apologise and ask that you let us know so that the appropriate corrections can be made.