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Flora & Fauna in NW7

The Terrapin and the Canada Geese were photographed by Liz Barrett, the others were shared by Murray Thompson, Colin Reece and a selection from the photographic survey of NW7 that MHPS carried out in Millennium Year – the images being contributed by many members of the Society.

01Totteridge Nature Reserve

02 Terrapin Sheepwash Pond

03 Swans with cygnets Mote End

04 Red Amirals Lakeside Mill Hill Golf

05 Fish Ponds at Belmont_jpg.jpg

06 Toadstools at Darlands_jpg.jpg

07 Ducks explore the ice Sheepwash

08 Sheep in NIMR fields_jpg.jpg

09 Horses in EdgewareburyLane

10 Geese on the Ridgeway

11_too hot for a Footpath walk

12 Pony in Mays Lane

13 Cattle in sight of NIMR

14 Berries Galore - Crataegus

15 Duck shares Mill Hill with traffic

16 Fungi to be with JPG

17 Horse at Moat End_jpg.jpg

18 Serene Darlands JPG

19 Sellers Field Totteridge Valley

20 Bull Rushes at Angel pond

21 Autumn footpath_jpg

22 Crataegus laevigata

23 Cattle in St Josephs fields

24 Bluebells in Arrandene

25 Canada Geese on Sheephwash

26 Wild flowers in Arrandene

27 Autumn on the Ridgeway

28 Winter at the Leg of Mutton