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Mill Hill in Old Maps

Maps are tricky things due to Copyright issues and we are limited to showing what we have permission for. Great aerial views of Mill Hill can be seen on  so none have been included. The map extracts from Ordnance Survey are so old that they are free from restriction and luckily coincide with the rural period of the Village and the start of Mill Hill expansion.

01 Relief and Drainage of the Brent Basin
map 2
02 Extract from early map showing a mill in the Mill Field (by Morden) 1686
map 3
03 Mill Hill Village Centre 1862
map 4
04 Holcombe Hill 1862
map 5
05 Lawrence Street Farm 1862
map 6
06 Upper & Lower Hale 1862
map 7
07 The impact of the Railways 1896
map 8
08 Our 300 year old Heritage of Fields as seen 1991 - Appeal evidence
map 9
09 First Development 1896 - The Birkbeck Estate
map 10
10 Proposal for Mill Hill Garden Village c1910 which failed to happen