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St Vincent's School
Improvements to the school grounds to create level areas to be used for outdoor sports, growing fruit and vegetables, informal recreation and general outdoor education and play | St Vincents Catholic Primary School The Ridgeway London NW7 1EJ. Application 17/1204/FUL

The Society are concerned about this application. Whilst it has some good elements our main concern is the amount of landfill in the Green Belt and Conservation Area to produce the new sports pitch. There will be a loss of wildlife habitat and an increase in the potential flooding risk to Woodcote Avenue. Other issues of concern are that the sports pitch could present a noise issue to adjoining houses and we find it hard to accept it will not have a high fence round it and eventually end up with some floodlights.The amount of landfill will generate considerable lorry journeys on The Ridgeway, which is an  already busy road. We shall be objecting to the proposals.

Pentavia Retail Park
Redevelopment of the site to provide 4 new blocks ranging from 7 to 9 storeys following demolition of all existing buildings. Provision of 685 Build to Rent residential units with ancillary facilities; 846 m2 A1 (retail); 570 m2 A3 (restaurant and café) and A4 (drinking establishment); and 289 m2 D1 (community) use floorspace. New vehicular and pedestrian access off Bunn's Lane linked to new internal roads and provision of new privately and publicly accessible outdoor amenity space. Provision of lower ground floor and surface level parking and new associated refuse and recycling arrangements. The application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement. [AMENDED DESCRIPTION] |Pentavia Retail Park Watford Way London NW7 2ET: Application 16/6420/FUL

The HORROR of the proposed development of Pentavia Park Mill Hill can be seen in the ‘projected’ images below. We are sure you did not settle in Mill Hill with the expectation that this leafy suburb could be destroyed with such a monstrous proposal. The Council’s Local Plan should protect us, and moreover we hope the Mayor Sadiq Khan will exert his power and have the submission turned down. (extract from the Neighbourhood Forum Facebook) 

ACTION If you are worried by the density, the height, the design, the damage caused to the amenity of Mill Hill, traffic congestion, and overdevelopment – then drop the planning officer an email – but please stick to the planning issues otherwise it will not count: 
and email Sadiq
and the deputy 

Hasmonean Shools, Copthall
Demolition of existing Girls school and construction of a new combined Boys and Girls school with vehicular access from Champions Way including 167 car parking spaces and 220 cycle parking spaces, three pedestrian accesses north, east and south of the site, along with associated landscaping (including swales), sports and recreational areas and ancillary buildings for energy centre and service yard, security gatehouse. School drop-off and pick-up space will be set out adjoining land | Hasmonean High School 2 - 4 Page Street London NW7 2EU: Application 16/6662/FUL

There has been a lot of local controversy about this scheme as is takes about 15 acres of the Green Belt at Copthall plus the site of the existing Girls' school off Page Street to build two new schools for Hasmonean. The proposal conflicts with the National Planning Policy Guildelines, The London Plan, the Barnet Core Strategy, and the Copthal Park Developpment Brief. The new schools keep the girls and boys completely seperate. It claims that traffic chaos will be reduced on Page Street as the entrance is to be off Champions Way, which leads into Page Street - so we feel the congestion will be more because there will be two schools. At a council planning meeting on 22nd February 2017 the scheme was approved by a vote of 6-5 in favour, this being against the planning officers recomendation. The scheme will have to go to the Mayors office as it was passed contrary to the London Plan and we await his comments.
Local organsiations, MHPS included, are trying to find ways to fight this gross flaunting of the planning regulations.

Redevelopment of the site to provide 460 new residential units following demolition of all existing buildings. New residential accommodation to consist of 448 self-contained flats within 19 blocks ranging from three to nine storeys with basement car parking levels and 12 two storey houses with lower ground floor levels. Associated car and cycle parking spaces to be provided. Provision of new office (B1a) and leisure (D2) floorspace and a new publicly accessible café (A3). Reconfiguration of the site access and internal road arrangements and provision of new publicly accessible outdoor amenity space. New associated refuse and recycling arrangements. The application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement. [Amended description] | National Institute For Medical Research The Ridgeway London NW7 1AA: Application 16/4545/FUL

Some time ago now the Society attended a meeting at the NIMR on The Ridgeway to discuss the programme for the move to The Francis Crick Institute in St Pancras. The NIMR building was to be vacated by Autumn 2016 - but the process has been stretched out. MHPS has been involved with the design development of the site by Barratt London who won the bidding stage for the development. The cruciform building was subject to a architectural design competition which was won by De Metz Forbes Knight architects for the reconstruction to match the original building including a green copper roof. The wider scheme suffers because the car parking, which whilst meeting the London Plan, does not really provide enough parking for the environs of Mill Hill. Furthermore, the other buildings seem somewhat unrelated to the character of the Consevation Area in which the site is located. Views from the Totterigde Valley are contentious as the new buildings will be more prominent above the tree line. The scheme was turned down at the council planning meeting on the 22nd February 2017 and we await the outcome of this.

Mausoleum off Milespit Hill
New access road and car parking facilities with maintenance shed, Barnet Cemetery And Memorial Gardens, Milespit Hill, London NW7 2RR: Application 14/08161/FUL
An application was made for a Mausoleum building in the Green Belt, which caused considerable local concern and to which the Society objected. The application has been withdrawn and we await further developments.Subsequently an application for a cemetery infrastructure was refused in October 2015. There has been an appeal the result of which is still awaited.

Mill Hill East - Millbrook Park
Outline application for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site for residential led mixed use development involving the demolition of all existing buildings (excluding the former officers mess) and ground re-profiling works, to provide 2,174 dwellings, a primary school, GP Surgery, 1,100sqm of 'High Street' (A1/2/3/4/5) uses, 3,470sqm of employment (B1) uses, a district energy centre (Sui Generis) and associated open space, means of access, car parking and infrastructure (with all matters reserved other than access). Full application for the change of use of former officers' mess to residential (C3) and health (D1) uses.Application H/04017/09

Outline Planning permission was granted on 22nd September 2011, for the proposed development of the Inglis Barracks site located in Mill Hill East. The scheme is divided into various phases and the status of each phase is shown below:

Phase 1   - H/04080/12   - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 1A - H/035448/12 - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 2   - H/03904/12   - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 2A - H/04606/12  - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 3   - H/03860/13  - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 3A - H/00065/14  - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 4A - 15/01546/RMA - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 4B - 16/2719/RMA - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 4C - 15/06898/RMA - Planning Permission Granted
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 7
Phase 8
Phase 9
Phase 10

The Society has been involved with deciding road names for the development. This is now completed.

Belmont Children’s Farm
It’s many years since the establishment opened - and during this period we have made objections to the Council, along with others, without any obvious success, because we believe planning permission is required. We decided to send a ‘letter of concern’ to the Council on the 8th October 2010 – which was immediately put into the Council’s ‘Complaints Procedure’. As we received no satisfactory reply to our letter we took the Complaints Procedure to ‘Level 2’ with a further letter of concern dated the 8th November 2010. The Council served an Enforcement Notice on 5th November which was due to take effect on the 10th December 2010 unless an appeal was made against it beforehand. The owners of the Farm have appealed against the Council's enforcement notice and comments needed to be submitted by 26th January 2011 to the Inspector. The Inspector concluded that the children's farm use and associated development was inappropriate in the Green Belt, is harmful to the character and appearance of this part of the Mill Hill Conservation Area and causes noise and disturbance to neighbouring residential occupiers. The position now is the requirements of the notice: the cessation of the children's farm and ancillary cafe use and the demolition and removal of the fences, animal and bird enclosures are required to be carried out by 27th March 2012, but on this date the facility seemed to be still in full swing in spite of the closure notice. A further application has been made to relocate the Children's Farm and ancillary uses into the existing Riding School building further down the valley. The Riding School is also in the Green Belt. The Society has objected to both applications. The office of the Mayor of London has commented that the proposals as they stand do not meet the London Plan. In December 2012 the proposal to relocate the children's farm deeper into the Totteridge Valley was passed by the local authority, and the The Mayor of London raised no objections. The approval relates to the re-location of the Children's Farm, not for it to stay on the existing site. 
Recently a planning application has been made utilising existing buildings to provide a 4 bedroom bungalow in the Green Belt.  However the application for the bungalow in the converted stable building to be vacated when the children's farm is relocated was refused (Jan 2013). The applicant has Appealed against the refusal which will be processed through written representations. MHPS objected. The Inspector has allowed the Appeal so the bungalow scheme can go ahead when the Children's Farm is relocated.
Subsequently there has been an application to extend the hours of opening, which has been refused, and is now the subject of an Appeal to which the Society has further objected. MHPS heard this week, 26th June 2014, that the appeal had been dismissed.

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