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Facts & Figures about MHPS

We cover NW7: Mill Hill Ward and Hale Ward together, more or less, comprise NW7. This area is defined by Scratchwood Service Station (on the M1) in the north down to Copthall in the south, with The Hale as the eastern edge and to Darlands in the west.

Our Society is Headed by

Patron Lady Marina Hobson OBE JP
President Dr Michael Worms BSc PhD
Chair pending  
Vice Chair Kevin Green  
Hon Solicitor Robert Cottingham MA
Hon Architect John Living AAdip CMdip RIBA
Hon Treasurer Wendy Living BA ACA JP
Independent Examiner Adrian Gray BA ACA
Secretary Kim Thompson  

Membership: We have a membership made up of individuals, families and organisations all either in, or with links to, the NW7 area. Depending on how you count the collection of individuals, families and organisations this represents many hundreds of members. We are continually looking for new people to join as an increase in numbers improves our ‘influence’ on planning matters.

Committee: The Committee comprises some of the Trustees of the Society, plus additional co-opted members with special skills. The Secretary to the Society is a paid position. All other Officers hold Honorary positions. The Trustees comprise the Chair and Vice-Chair and the other current Committee members as voted by the members at the Annual General Meeting. More about the workings of the Committee can be found in ‘What we do’ and ‘Frequently asked questions’.

Road-stewards: The work of delivering our numerous Newsletters and AGM Reports falls to our Road-Stewards, who also act as the eyes and ears of our Society in the area. At any one time we have about 30 Road-Stewards and we are always on the lookout to find more so that we can spread the workload.

MHPS News … : MHPS started the newsletter in December 1977. There have always been Annual Reports to deliver to members, so since the Society started in 1949 there have been over 100,000 deliveries – not to mention the mail drops that have been done at time of particular local need. Our Road-Stewards are very special people.

Mill Hill Preservation Society is a non profit making, registered charity, founded in 1949. It is a secular Society, and does not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, belief or religion, age, or sexual orientation.
CIO status has been applied for.

Registered Charity 1185939

Census information for Barnet, Mill Hill and Hale Ward can be obtained from …